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About The American Post -

The American Post is a leading media and technology company that offers the first and only online platform that provides curated opinion articles and publishes in-house fact-based, nonpartisan opinion pieces written either by contributors or by writer/s on behalf of the publication. The venture is speedily growing and aims to achieve millions of page views in 2022, having just launched in August 2021. Our mission is to improve the United States of America, and the world-at-large, by increasing American political information, civility, bipartisanship, and prosperity. We care about every American — from farmers in the great state of Iowa, to bankers in New York City, to programmers in Washington D.C., to children in Kentucky, to clergy in Florida. The American Post is founded and led by Aaron Golbin, an entrepreneur and investor with a passion for media, technology, finance, innovation, and politics, who's created 4 startups in the past and is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the largest casual online debate platform in the world.

The American Post is looking for Contributors to write article/s that will be published by the publication and displayed in, The American Post's website. Contributors are un-paid volunteers who can write for the publication as often as they'd like, preferably delivering one or more articles semiweekly (not mandatory), and must have articles approved by our Editorial team. More articles are preferred.

What You Will Do -

Write original opinion article/s and/or political research remotely on one or more covered topics of your choice for The American Post that aren't, and can't be, published anywhere else. Opinion pieces must be fact-based, nonpartisan, high-quality, original, and well-written.

Benefits -

1) Write articles that may be viewed by many people all around the world on The American Post
2) Gain valuable experience writing for an online political magazine
3) Have the opportunity to possibly be promoted to other positions
4) Gain valuable experience being involved in a startup
5) Have Contributor Profile Page in, The American Post's website

Who You Are -

The American Post likes to have contributors who have a wide-range of experiences in the topic/s that they write about. We prefer work/life experience and writing experience significantly and weigh education very lightly.

1) Experienced opinion article writer (you have written 5+ opinion pieces) who writes in English
2) Very knowledgeable about one or more of the topic/s we cover.
3) Excellent writer, especially of 750+ word articles
4) Smart, passionate about what you do, personable, experienced in a field/s, hard-working
5) Logical, fact-based, objective, nonpartisan thinker who wants what's best for the United States and the world
6) Hold many logical opinions
7) Preferably willing to share your The American Post article/s with your Social Media following and others

To apply to the position, please fill out an application at

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